Home Ranch Motel, Cheyenne, Wyoming

This hotel stood just down the road from the previous post, as indicated by the Lincolnway address. This road is also known as US Highway 30.

Pub. by National Press, N. Chicago, Ill.

The description states:

When you visit Cheyenne, the Home of FRONTIER DAYS, be sure to stop at Cheyenne’s Newest and Finest HOME RANCH MOTEL, on East Lincolnway (Hi-way 30). Ultra-modern inits with wall to wall carpeting, T.V., Tile Baths and Thermostatic Temperature control. You will receive a cordial welcome by Mr. and Mrs. M. W. (Bill) Shepherd, Owners and Operators.

–This establishment existed in this general form and with this name until a few years ago, but is now closed. The postcard likely dates to the 1950s.

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