Nolff’s Yankee Boy Trading Post, South Boardman, Michigan

This establishment was an early forerunner of gas stations that included a market along with the refueling services, a commonplace arrangement in the current day. It still exists at this location.

Pub. by Professional Photographic Center, 324 Munson Ave., Traverse City, Mich. 49684

The description states:



Open 7 a.m. till Midnight

Box 151, South Boardman, Michigan 49633

PH. 1-616-369-7111

Located 9 miles south of Kalkaska on U.S. 131, overlooking the Old Boardman Mill Pond…

Cabins, Restaurant, Grocery, Beer and Wine, Pure Gas, Bottle Gas, Sport Shop, Live Bait, Fishing and Hunting Licenses.

–This kind of multi-purpose establishment was common in more rural areas where tourists or passers-by would have an opportunity to purchase supplies for their ongoing journey or for their sporting activity in the region.

This postcard was used, and is dated 1968.

2 thoughts on “Nolff’s Yankee Boy Trading Post, South Boardman, Michigan

  1. Sally jo myers

    Love this place! Did nolffs ever sell liquor? When did they quit selling gas? When did the store close?


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