De Zwann Windmill, Holland Michigan

This image shows the authentic Dutch windmill now located in Holland Michigan, called De Zwann, or The Swan. It was built in 1761 and arrived in Holland, Michigan in 1964.

Photo by & Pub. for Penrod Studio, Berrien Center, Mich. 49102

The description states:

“De Zwann” (The Swan) WINDMILL


An original Dutch Windmill, with a 200 year history, operates with full sails in the wind, grinding whole wheat flour. At the left of the gallery can be seen the capstan (hand winch) which rotates the cap to direct the winds into the wind. Higher than a 12 story building, it stands on a 36 acre island surrounded by quaint gardens and authentic Dutch architecture.

–Since the windmill was installed in 1965, the card undoubtedly dates from near that time.

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