Sullivan’s Mill, Silver Dollar City, Missouri

Silver Dollar City is not a city at all, but an amusement park built on the same concept as Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Silver Dollar City was built a few years after Disneyland was founded, and much of the same conceptual design is present in the construction, particularly the identifiable zones within the park.

Published by Panorama Publishers, Inc. 811 Cherry, Springfield, Mo.

The description states:


This is the home of the famous Mountain Woodcarver’s Guild where you may watch Ozark craftsmen at work carving by hand all sorts of objects ranging up to life-size wooden Indians.

–The park was constructed in close proximity to the popular tourist destination of Branson, Missouri. This image features just one of many 1880s era structures and activities at the park, which also now includes modern rides and entertainments.

This card was used and is dated 16 April 1969.

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