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Steak House, Ghost Town, Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, California

This image is of one of the main rooms of the Steak House, in this example the so-called Indian Room. This restaurant has changed names over the years, and is now called Spurs, keeping the theme and much of the menu.

The restaurant was originally outside the gates of the park, but expansion absorbed the land around it, and now visitors who wish to eat there can pay a deposit to eat without taking in the rest of the park’s activities.

This picture dates from the 1940s.

Ghost Town Houses, Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, California

These two modest structures are typical of the buildings present in the Ghost Town area of Knott’s Berry Farm in its early years. The dark circles on the building to the right are actual bottles, used in the construction of the house walls, thus the name Bottle House.

The other building is the Music Hall, which was not used for performances but instead displayed old music playback devices and instruments.

Both structures were completed by the late 1940s. This postcard dates from that time.

Silver Dollar Bar, Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, California

This image is a carefully posed view of the service bar in the Silver Dollar Bar at Knott’s Berry Farm. Specifically, it is located in the area called Ghost Town, which normally means a deserted frontier settlement, but here is intended to mean a recreation of the OId West through buildings, decorations and actors such as the bartender depicted.

Clicking on the image will provide a much larger version that enables one to read the many small signs posted around the bar for humorous effect.

This postcard dates from the 1940s.