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Battle Creek Michigan Water Works

This image, almost identical to the previous post, shows the pumping station for the Battle Creek Water Works and the main building more clearly on the left, omitting the boaters.

JV & Sons Famous Throughout The World

There is no description on the back of the card, only the mark of the publisher, noted above. There are faint cancellation marks across the sky, and a tear above the chimney at left.

The pumping station and water works no longer exist in this location. There are two women visible in the center of the image walking at the edge of the lake shore.

The postcard was used, and is dated 11 September 1910.

Goguac Lake, Battle Creek, Michigan

This image, a black and white photo manually colored for postcard use, is of a couple rowing on Goguac Lake in Battle Creek. There is a pumping station for the city water system in the right background.

Souvenir Post Card Company

There is no description on the back of this card. The lake is spring fed, and the water level rises and falls with the seasonal rainfall.

This card was used and is dated 2 August 1915.

Christmas Postcard

This image is of a child in a rocking cradle decorated for Christmas, with greetings of the season.

169 Xmas Kid Series – 6 designs.

As is typical of this era of card, there is no description on the back. The card has what appears at first to be a reddish stain on it. Closer examination, particularly at the point where the rocker meets the cradle footboard, clearly indicates this is in fact a registration error. This means that the color red was misaligned with the card when passed through the printing press, applying the color too far to the left.

This card was used, and is postmarked 24 December 1920.