Fayette Harbor, Fayette, Michigan

This image just along the road from the previous posting, approaching the water and small harbor where fishing boats were moored. The same rocky dolomite formation is again visible in the right background.

Stade Select Card Company, Escanaba, Mich.

The description states:

FA.1 – Fayette Harbor, famed beauty spot on Michigan’s garden peninsula, locale of “The annual blessing of the Fleet”. The blessing ceremony is an ancient Catholic ritual for fishing vessels.

–There are a few small fishing boats pulled up on the far side of the harbor.

As noted in the comment below this image was ordered by  a vendor in late 1960, so the picture cannot be newer than that. As these have a production lifetime, it may be a year or more older than 1960.

2 thoughts on “Fayette Harbor, Fayette, Michigan

    1. deans Post author

      Thank you for that very interesting find. Certainly, the postcard can now be dated to no later than the order date on the referenced form, but it still may be an image taken a year or so earlier. I have updated my post accordingly.


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