Right Side Panel, Multipurpose Room, Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota

This image features the detail of the right side panel of the multipurpose room shown in the previous post. Careful examination of the full-sized image shows the numerous corn cobs used in the creation of the image.

Dan Grigg Enterprise, Co., Mitchell, So. Dak.

The description states:



One of the many panels on the inside of the worlds only Corn Palace. These panels are made from natural colored grains and grasses. The entire building is redecorated annually at a cost of $10,000. The annual festival is held the last week in September, but the building is open FRREE the year around. It is one of the most outstanding exhibits of nature’s wonderful colors blended into interesting designs and pictures by local decorators.

–This image appears to depict two hunters in search of their prey. The image likely dates to the 1940s.

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