Arneson River Theater, San Antonio, Texas

This image begins a series of views featuring the San Antonio River in San Antonio, Texas. The image shows the Arneson River Theater with open air amphitheater seating on the left, where chairs are set up, so that the audience can watch the performance on the stage at right, across the river.

A Mike Roberts Color Production, Berkeley 2, Calif.

The description states:


San Antonio, Texas

A beautiful open air theatre, with the San Antonio River winding between the stage and the audience.

–The bridge in the background is also commonly used as an element in the performances. To the left of the bridge, at the end of the terraces, is a sign indicating the way to La Villita, a restored historical section of the old San Antonio, now mainly shops and restaurants.

This postcard dates from the 1960s.

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    1. deans Post author

      There are several festivals throughout the year in San Antonio, but the one you are likely referring to is the Texas Folklife Festival which happens the first week of June. Since this is past for the year, you would best find more information by searching for ‘San Antonio Folklife festival 2015’ for exact dates and event schedules.


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