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Lake View and Agate Harbor, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

This image is also from the Brockway Mountain Drive, now much further to the west, looking westward towards Bailey Lake, Upsom Lake and Agate Harbor. Upsom is the closer of the two lakes in the distance, Bailey the more distant, while Agate Harbor is the lake shore to their right.

Lakes Bailey Upsom and Agate Harbor Michigan Copper Country J772

The ribbon of cleared trees in the right middle is the continuation of Brockway Mountain Drive towards the west. The closer lake is now spelled Upson on modern maps.

This postcard dates from the 1940s.

Ravine with West Bluff in Distance, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

This image is from the distant viewpoint of the previous picture, again looking back at West Bluff between the trees and off into the distance.

E-1147 Ravine showing West Bluff in the distance Michigan Copper Country

The road in this area was simple packed dirt and crushed rock, but has been upgraded to asphalt over the years, along with other safety improvements.

This picture dates from the 1940s.

West Bluff View, Brockway Mtn. Road, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

This image shows a different angle on the same location seen in the previous image. Instead of being across the road, this image is below the viewpoint and road level, looking along the edge of the bluff into the distance.

West Bluff Brockway Mountain Drive Michigan Copper Country D-1633

This card, like the previous images of Northport, has no descriptions on the back, as it is a photo simply stamped with the words Post Card and some markings to indicate where to write and affix postage.

This card was used and is postmarked August 1948.