West Bluff, Brockway Mtn. Drive, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

The locale now changes to the upper peninsula of Michigan, in specific the Keweenaw Peninsula, which is the northernmost extension of the state of Michigan. It extends into Lake Superior above the bulk of the upper peninsula. This image shows a segment of Brockway Mountain Drive, which extends from Copper Harbor in the east to Lake Bailey in the west.

This site is still actively maintained, and a current image of the area and signage is shown here.

The caption states:

West Bluff Brockway Mountain Drive Michigan Copper Country D-1629

This image, like the ones that follow, are a different style of photograph print. The previous ones were sepia tone, and these are more typical black and white images. These are also from a different series, and likely date from the 1940s.

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