Conestoga Wagon, Pioneer Village, Minden, Nebraska

This Conestoga wagon is often confused with the more modest Prairie Schooner, which was the common transport for pioneers heading west into and across the Great Plains as far as the Pacific coast of California and Oregon. The Conestoga was larger and heavier, and less well suited for the long journeys of the westward migration.

Made by Dexter, West Nyack, N.Y.

The description states:


In the line of transportation that starts with the ox-cart and ends with the jet airplane. This is just one of 30,000 items in 22 buildings on 2 1/2 city blocks, showing man’s progress since 1830. Located 130 Miles West of Lincoln, Nebr. on U. S. 6 & 34.

–This wagon was probably only used in the eastern states for freight transport and was moved to Nebraska as a historical artifact. The card likely dates from the 1960s.

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