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Copper Harbor, Michigan

Finally the images close in on the village of Copper Harbor, which in this time was a bustling mining region, with this locale as a shipping point for the extracted copper. With the decline of the mines, which closed in 1968, the town declined as well. Much of the area has been dedicated as historical sites and state parkland.

The building visible in the background is part of the Fort Wilkins Historic State Park, and is called the Copper Harbor lighthouse, one of the first lighthouses on Lake Superior. The metal tower is a more modern light design.

The caption states:

Copper Harbor, Mich. 15

This image is from the 1940s.

Lake Fanny Hooe and Copper Harbor, Michigan

This image follows on the previous one, from a closer vantage point on the western side of the final hill before Copper Harbor. The town is clearly visible now, and Lake Superior to the left. Lake Fanny Hooe is visible to the right, but it is not clear how it is separated from the larger body of water because of the obscuring trees.

The caption states:

Lake Fanny Hooe and Copper Harbor, Mich. E-1144

There is a couple sitting on a bench at the very bottom of the image, and the man appears to be viewing the distant town through binoculars. Their attire is very typical of travelers during the 1940s, particularly in colder areas.

Lake Fanny Hooe and Lake Superior, Michigan

Moving to the far eastern end of Brockway Mountain Drive, before the final switchbacks which descend the mountain ridge into Copper Harbor, there is this pull out for viewing a beaver dam, which is not visible in the photo.

What is visible is part of Lake Fanny Hooe, a long narrow lake that parallels the Lake Superior shoreline, which is barely visible beyond the hill and the distant haze.

Beaver dams were still common in the mid-20th century throughout much of the United States, but extensive river flood management, hunting and habitat loss have made these structures very rare.

The caption states:

Lake Superior and Lake Fanny Hooe from Brockway Mountain Drive C-1162

This picture dates from the 1940s.