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Zuni Women with Ollas, Gallup, New Mexico

This image shows two Zuni women dressed in traditional Zuni clothing holding ollas, a kind of Zuni pottery. They are known not only for the pottery, but there is also a dance troupe of Zuni women who use the ollas during their performances.

Frasher’s Fotos, Pomona, Calif.

The caption states: Zuni Pueblo Indian maidens with pottery ollas near Gallup, New Mexico, F1625

The postcard likely dates from the 1940s.

Zuni Dick, Jeweller, Gallup, New Mexico

This picture features the well known jeweler from the Zuni nation referred to as “Zuni Dick”. His Zuni name was Tsnahey according to the Overland Monthly, and was photographed several times from the early 1900s until this photo was taken, obviously late in his life. There are also colored drawings of this photograph in existence.

Frasher’s Fotos, Pomona, Calif.

The man is using a hand drill to cut small holes in the turquoise beads and stones for threading them onto necklaces and other items. There are records of Zuni Dick dating back to the 1890s, so this photo, likely from the late 1930s or 1940s, shows him at an advanced age.

The caption states: “Zuni Dick” an Indian turquoise worker near Burke Navajo Vocational School, Gallup, N. M. A3204

Dying Wool for Navajo Weaving, Gallup, New Mexico

This shows a Navajo woman using a simple dye bucket for to bundle of wool she is working with. The technique is old, and the photo could have been taken in the 19th century. This colored wool will eventually be combined with other colors in clothes and rugs, as shown behind the dyer.

Frasher’s Fotos, Pomona, Calif.

The caption states: Dyeing wool for Navajo Indian Rugs, Gallup, New Mexico

The picture likely dates from the 1940s.