Jenson’s Motel, Providence Ford, Virginia

This establishment, unlike the previous one shown, is not a simple row of identical rooms, but actual individual buildings of various sizes for the anticipated larger or smaller traveling groups. These ranged from small cottages to small homes for rent on the grounds of the business.

R.C Shaul, 143 S. Albany Ave., Chicago, Ill.

The description states:


Completely furnished 1-2 & 3 room cottages with private baths, also rooms in private home. Telephone Providence Forge 591 or write for reservations.

Mr. and Mrs. V. E. JENSON, Owners

On U.S. 60, Halfway between Richmond and Williamsburg at PROVIDENCE FORGE, VA.

–Featured on the card is a well appointed dining room managed by the motel owners, still a rarity in this era. Unfortunately, such establishments proved to be expensive to maintain and uncompetitive in the coming era of standardized rooms and services. The business no longer exists.

This card likely dates from the 1950s.

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