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Ballroom Gardens, Governor’s Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia

This picture follows on the previous image, showing much more detail of the ballroom gardens from an elevation, presumably a taller building in the vicinity.

Made in Switzerland by Atelier Graphique, H. Vontobel, Feldmeilen

The description states:

Ballroom Garden, Governor’s Palace

Williamsburg, Virginia

In 1724, the Reverend Hugh Jones wrote of the Govern’s Palace <a magnificent Structure, built at the public Expense, finished and beautified with Gates, fine Garrdens, Offices, Walks a fine Canal, Orchards &c> The Palace, its dependencies and gardens have been reconstructed to their original appearance.

–The gardens are of the more geometric tradition common in gardens throughout Europe at the time. The card likely dates to the 1950s.

Governor’s Palace Garden, Williamsburg, Virginia

This begins a two week visit to Virginia focussing on the historical sites of colonial Williamsburg. The first image is of the entrance to the Palace Garden

Made in Switzerland by Atelier Graphique, H. Vontobel, Feldmeilen

The description states:

Governor’s Palace Garden

Williamsburg, Virginia

A view of the formal ballroom garden and the ballroom wing, added in 1751, of the Goverrnor’s Palace.

–As indicated in the caption, the postcard was made in Switzerland and imported for sale as a souvenir at the Williamsburg site. The style of the card indicates a likely date of the 1950s.

Favosite Coral, Michigan

This image is of petrified coral known as Favosites, or honeycomb coral. The form of coral shown here is long extinct.

Photo by Lucy Gridley

The description states:

“Petrified Honeycomb”

A colonial coral known as FAVOSITES. Both cross sectional and longitudinal cuts make attractive jewelry. Found throughout Michigan.

–The bottom right sample shows the most common view of the coral type, while the others show how the stacks of coral appear from the sides. The card is dated 1962.