Water Reservoir, Arcadian Copper Mine, Hancock, Michigan

This final image of the mine shows the face of the blocked tunnel where a water reservoir was located. The open pipes and valves present in the wall face indicate the water is no longer stored here.

The L.L. Cook Co., Milwaukee, WI

The description states:

ARCADIAN COPPER MINE TOURS — End of tour at Water Reservoir. Original Arcadian Mine established 1864 in Ripley, Michigan, on M26 one mile from Hancock, Michigan. Believe it or not it is the only underground Copper Mine in the world open to the public.

–The term M26 refers to the Michigan state highway that was constructed near the mine. The mine long predates the highway. The card is dated 1955.

2 thoughts on “Water Reservoir, Arcadian Copper Mine, Hancock, Michigan

  1. Dawn

    Wondering if your tours are open? Looking to make a return trip, was there when i was a kid in 80s and looking to come check it out again.

  2. deans Post author

    I can’t answer your question as I do not live in the area, nor do I have any connection to the organization which owns and manages the mine.

    A web search indicates the original Arcadian Copper Tours company went out of business. However, there is another company that has tours of a copper mine:


    This most likely is the same mine, but it is not clear from the website above. It is in the same area however. Their tours are limited as one might expect, but they are open.


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