Arcadian Copper Mine, Hancock, Michigan

This image begins a series of cards showing the interior of what was the only copper mine open to the public, the Arcadian Copper Mine. This first image shows two miners in a chamber leading down a tunnel, lined with a rail for ore cars. The picture is blurry in the original, and it probably was not well lit when photographed. The resulting retouching and colorization has created the effect seen here.

MWM Color Litho, Detroit Representative, H.B. Putnam, 313 Fox Theatre Building

The description states:


Ripley, Hancock, Michigan.

Guided tours underground thru a real Copper Mine. Open June thru October 15th.

–The three rails on the ground are actually two rails, left and inner right, which carried the ore cars. The furthest right rail is in fact a pipe, likely used for ventilation. This card dates from the 1950s.

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