Pioneer Monument, Salt Lake City, Utah

Shown here is a view of the Pioneer Monument erected just outside the Temple Square precinct, with an unusual souvenir attached.

Curteich Color 3-D Natural Color Reproduction

The description states:


This impressive monument to Brigham Young and the “Mormon” Pioneers, stands at the intersection of Main and South Temple Street. On one side is the statue of the famous scout Jim Bridger, and on the other, Washakie, a friendly Ute Indian Chief. In the background is the magnificent “Mormon” Temple, the most imposing structure in Temple Square, and perhaps the most famed building in the west.

–This is an example of an intact card with the small pouch of salt from the Great Salt Lake, which once would be mailed without issue, but today would not be allowed because it would foul the address reading machines. It was an extra penny to mail such cards when they were new. This card dates from the 1960s.

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