Governor’s Reception Room, Salt Lake City, Utah

This image illustrates the elaborate and ornate decoration of the Utah State Capitol, in particular the Governor’s Reception Room. The only unexpected decoration visible is the white pillow in the center of the image resting on one of the blue armchairs. This postcard also shows the perforations and threads indicating some small bag of material was attached, but whether it was salt or another mineral is unknown. Other versions of this card exist that had no attached bag.

Carpenter Paper Co., Salt Lake City, Utah

The description is quite detailed:


The Gold Room, which is southwest of the Capitol’s main hall, is the governor’s reception room, in which Presidents and royal visitors have been received. The room is the most elegantly furnished and equipped of any of like character anywhere. The tapestry, the window curtains as well as the wonderful rug on the floor, were all especially made for this room. The color scheme throughout was dictated by the architect of the building. The total cost of the furnishing in this room was over $65,000,000. The mural paining on the ceiling was done by a world-famous artist.

Rug made in Scotland.

Size 22 ft. x 48 ft. Weight 1,350 pounds.

Curtains made in Florence, Italy.

Draperies made in Belgium.

Chandeliers made of Utah gold and silver.

Mural painting by Louis Schettle.

Tapestry of French production.

Furniture inlaid with Utah gold.

Capitol cost $2,739,528.54

–This card was used and is dated June 1955, but is likely from the 1940s based on others in this series.

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