Pioneer Village Entrance and Founder

This unusual subject for a souvenir card shows three elderly people standing under the main sign for the Pioneer Village museum.

Color by Otto Done

The description states:


He and Mathilda Just Can’t Get Going, at the front entrance to the harrold Warrp Pioneer Village at Minden, Nebr. Shown from right to left are Harold Warp, owner of the Pioneer Village, and Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Jensen, Managers. Here can be seen 20,000 items in 20 buildings on 2 city blocks, showing man’s progress over the past 120 years.

132 Miles West of Lincoln, Nebr., on U. S. 6

–The names Elmer and Mathilda refer to the man on the sign and the car he is working on, respectively. Mathilda appears to be a Ford Model T, but the other more contemporary vehicles shown indicate this card dates from the 1950s

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