Sod House, Pioneer Village, Minden Nebraska

Today begins a two week pictorial visit to the Pioneer Village historical exhibit in Nebraska. This first image appears to be some normal public building, perhaps a visitor center or even toilets, but in fact it is a sod house reconstruction. Note also the arrows painted on the sidewalk to assist visitors on their tour of the exhibits.

Photo by Otto Done

The description on the back states:



Surprisingly, it took 11 acres of sod and 15 men three weeks in 1954 to duplicate a sod house that cost $39.50 in 1870. It is completely furnished in pioneer style. One of 20 buildings at Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village at Minden, Nebr. which covers 10 acres on U.S. Highway 6 and houses 20.000 items, to show most vividly man’s profess since 1830.

— As indicated in the text above, this postcard dates from the 1950s.

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