Lower Tahquamenon Falls, Side View

Up a little closer to the cascade, this image shows a typical tourist of the era seated on a nearby rock outcropping for the best close-up view of the falls.

Hiawatha Card Co., P.O. Box 56, Ypsilanti, Mich.

The description on the back states:


In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

These beautiful cascading falls are formed by three rock steps with a combined drop of 43 feet. Located six miles downstream from the upper falls, the lower falls are accessible by boat from Emerson and by car along the new Tahquamenon Falls Highway from Newberry to Paradise. Available at the Lower Falls is a State Park camping site and picnic facilities.

Color by Lucy Gridley

–This card also notes that it was possible to purchase copies of the Kodachrome slide that was the source for this photo. This picture is believed to date from the 1950s.

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