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Eastern Front, Mount Vernon estate house

This is another view of the George Washington home on the grounds of Mount Vernon, where Washington lived and is now buried. An earlier image from this blog showed an almost identical photo in monochrome, with some slight variation in the age and development of visible trees.


This and other pictures in the series were sold by the Mount Vernon’s Ladies Association. This organization still maintains and operates the estate, a rarity since most such historic places are under the auspices of the National Park system.

The description on the back of the card states:

The Mount Vernon Mansion, East Front

From a Photograph in Natural Color

It is believed this card dates from the 1940s.

Kitchen Garden, Mount Vernon, Virginia

This image from Mount Vernon, Virginia shows a portion of the kitchen garden. These were name this as they were filled with fruits and vegetables grown and harvested for the estate kitchen, unlike the more ornamental gardens populated with flowers and shrubs.


The plants most easily visible appear to be grapevines. The caption on the back of the card states only “View in the Kitchen Garden, Mount Vernon.”

This card is believed to date from the 1940s.