West Lounge, Legs Inn, Cross Village, Michigan

We move into the more architectural views of the Legs Inn. The ornate woodwork was a hallmark of the founder’s efforts at decor for the entire facility. Note the Polish Imperial eagle proudly displayed over the hallway.

Pub. by Lew Morris, Cheboygan, Mich. 49721

The description states:


View of the west lounge with John & Alex Smolak, operators of famous Legs Inn, which was hand crafted by Stanley Smolak (Chief Whitecloud of Chippewas) over a period of 47 years.

–The description, stating that the sons of John Smolak (and nephews of Stanley, the founder) are now the operators, places this postcard in the 1970s, as they took over after their father’s death in 1972.

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