Kitch-iti-ki-pi Spring, Manistique, Michigan

This folio displays many of the interesting and unusual views from the natural spring now called Kitch-iti-ki-pi. As shown, visitors board a simple raft which floats on the waters of the spring while they look down into the depths. The spring is about 40 feet deep, but because of the fast flowing water, is completely clear to the bottom.

All images by John I. Bellaire, Manistique, Mich.

There is a connection from the spring to a nearby lake, and from there different types of trout frequently swim into the spring. However, there is little food because of the fast flowing mineralized water, so the spring is essentially barren and the fish rarely remain there.

The images were likely taken in black and white and manually colored. The folio most likely dates from the 1950s.

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