Kitch-iti-ki-pi Spring Old Boat Launch, Manistique, Michigan

We start a weekend of views of the unique fresh water spring near Manistique, Michigan called Kitch-iti-ki-pi. It is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The L.L. Cook Co., Milwaukee, WI

This view shows the old raft launch viewing area and the raft slowly moving away in the distance as the passengers view the bottom of the spring. The water flows so fast and clear that it is possible to see the bottom quite easily, and among other views are constantly shifting sands that form shapes for interpretation much like clouds.

The description states:


Near Manistique, Michigan

In a land of intensely cold winters the crystal-clear waters of the “Big Spring” never freeze over. Legend has it that an Indian maiden, spurning the attentions of an unwanted suitor, fell into the spring and was changed by the magic properties of the water into a white deer.

–As can be seen by the mechanical postmarking in the sky area of the card, the postcard was used and is dated 19 July 1956.

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