1910 Stearns Automobile

This dazzling example of early motor car manufacture was built by Stearns. This model is the 15-30, with a 30 horsepower engine. This firm was known for building luxury cars like the one pictured, and sports cars, most notably one driven by racing legend Barney Oldfield.

Gezon Motor Sales, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The company was in business from 1898 and was sold to the WillysOverland company in 1925, In 1929 the company was liquidated.

Among other marketing information on the back of this card is the phrase: Ask for Pennzoil with Z-7…the Long Quart.

—This is a reference to how long the oil lasts in your engine, a significant issue when service cycles were as short as 1000 miles.

This card was used and is from 1957.

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