Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn at Night, Las Vegas, Nevada

Another image of the Desert Inn, this time from the pool side on the other side of the main building from the parking lot shown before.

Desert Souvenir Supply, Boulder City, Nevada

The description states:



An evening view across the quiet waters of the Swimming Pool looking toward the glees-enclosed Skyroom Cocktail Lounge, the Painted Desert Room Supper Club, ‘Round the Clock Casino and Lady Luck Bar.

–The Skyroom is easy to identify, being elevated above the rest of the building, much like an airport control tower. The rest of the rooms named are not distinctive enough in this rendition, but the presence of tables to the left strongly suggests this is the location of the Supper Club and the right side windows are the Casino.

This card like the others in this series, dates from the 1950s

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