Fremont St. and South Main St., Las Vegas, Nevada

From the train station we walk quickly through Union Plaza and emerge at Main Street and the head end of Fremont Street, shown in the image today. On the right is the Sal Sagev Hotel (Las Vegas spelled backwards), which has been reconstructed,restored and renamed the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. Across the street is the Overland Hotel, now the Las Vegas Club. The sky is no longer visible on Fremont, as the street has been covered with an arching screen that serves as a backdrop to a nighttime light and image show.

Desert Souvenir Supply, Boulder City, Nevada

The description on the card states:

Day or night, it’s always time for fun and relaxation on Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada

— In this time, before the development of the Strip, Fremont Street and surrounding area was the center of Las Vegas tourism and gambling. With the arrival of the first wave of resort hotel/casinos, the tourist traffic began its move to the south, which was accelerated by the construction of the mega-resort/casinos. Fremont Street merchants had to make extensive changes to attract tourists and money back to the area, and they called the result the Fremont Street Experience.

This card dates from the 1950s.

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