Dreamland Motel, Fish Creek, Wisconsin

Now a bit of a break from cave exploration with this image of the Dreamland Motel, located in Door County, Wisconsin, in the unincorporated village called Fish Creek.

Wyman Post Card Co., Wausau, Wis.

The description is extensive, as is typical of motel postcards, which were intended as marketing materials:

Open year around

1-1/2 Miles from Ski Hill


In Air-Conditioned Door County

Highway 42

12 Ultramodern heated units, with tile baths, sitting room, choice of one or two bedrooms, carpeting throughout. Located at the entrance to Peninsula State Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Seitz – Phone 2281

–The motel design far exceeds the norm for these days where a typical rental has a single modest room, a table or desk and chair, chest of drawers, a closet and a bathroom. This example is more like the suites we know now, but likely were priced much more modestly than suites are today, even accounting for inflation.

The car visible at the right side of the image indicates that this photo is from the 1950s.


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