General Store Interior, Pioneer Village, Minden, Nebraska

The view now moves into the general store, overflowing with items representative of many eras and styles.

Curteich Color 3-D Natural Color Reproduction

Pride of place is taken by the wood burning stove, the sole heat for the building and  a common center of activity for customers, family and friends. Also notable is the cuspidor, or spittoon, at the lower left corner of the stove apron. While attractively displayed in this location, the nearby stove gave off considerable heat, and placing a brass spittoon this close would have caused quite foul smells to emerge from the heated waste liquid contained there.

The description states:


Shelves Bulging With Bygone Items

This is a replica of a store that stood at Stamford, Nebr., now on the green, at the Harold Warp Pioneer Village, Minden, Nebr.

Here can be seen 20,000 items in 20 buildings, on 2 city blocks, showing man’s progress over the past 120 years.

Located 132 Miles West of Lincoln, Nebr., on U.S. 6.

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