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John Bragg Home, Mobile, Alabama

This week features the Bellingrath Gardens and surroundings in Mobile, Alabama. The first image is of the John Bragg home, more commonly known now as the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion.

Color Photo by WM. W. Lavendar

The description on the back states:


Framed by magnificent live oaks, carpets of green lawn, and bordered by colorful azaleas, this beautiful old home was often visited by the famous Confederate General Braxton Bragg and is a favorite tourist attraction. Located at 1906 Spring Hill Avenue.

The card was not used, but others in the series date from the 1960s.

Door County, Wisconsin

This folio features locations primarily associated with water in the Door County, Wisconsin area. This county is in the northeast corner of Wisconsin made up of a long, narrow peninsula extending into Lake Michigan.

All Images Curteich Color 3-D Natural Color Reproduction

These photos are a combination of candid photos and those, like the beach scene above, where the people in the foreground are clearly aware of the photographer, though not formally posed. Earlier in the collection, the photo at the cave looks almost like a family snapshot.

The images are readily dated from the legend on the front. This collection dates from the 1950s.


Night over Lake Michigan

The final card of the week is a colored photo of Lake Michigan from Mackinac Island, MI.

Genuine Curteich-Chicago “C.T. Art Colortone”

It’s not clear what is happening on the lake, but the safe guess is that there is a small steamship in the middle distance. The card has several bits of damage, including the folded lower right corner, and some very subtle mechanical cancellation in the upper center.

While it is impossible to date the photo from the picture itself, the card was mailed and has a postmark of July, 1929.