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Sous Le Fort Street, Quebec, Canada

The first of three cards with painted images of French Canadian scenes.

Atelier Morency 5645 Woodbury Ave, Montreal

The card represented has no description on the back other than the location. However, later cards with this image do, and the description for the identical card states:

SOUS LE FORT STREET, QUEBEC – This street like many others is characteristic of old civilization. Quebec can claim more than three and a quarter centuries of existence.

— It is not possible from the information on the card to determine its age. It is believed to be from the 1950s.

City Hall Square, Copenhagen, Denmark

An elevated view of the City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

Dancolor Reproduktion Direkte Fra Ansco Color, Grønlunds Forlag

The description states:

COPENHAGEN – The CITY HALL SQUARE – the busy centre of the city. The City Hall was built about 1900 by the architect, Martin Nyrop. The building with the tower to the left is the “Palace Hotel”.

The postcard was mailed, and is dated July 23, 1953, so the picture depicts the square as it looked in the early 1950s.

Lucerne, Switzerland Collage

This card shows four views of Lucene, at the top, two views of the city from an elevated vantage point.

Color-Photo Kunstverlan Th. Rietschi, Luzern

The lower two views show the Kappellbrücke and the Löwendenkmal, previously featured. There is no further description on the card.

The postcard was used, but the date mark was placed on a stamp which was removed. The address indicates that the postcard likely dates from the late 1960s.