Chinatown Wax Museum at Night, San Francisco, CA

This is a picture of the corner of Grant and California Streets in San Francisco, CA at night, featuring the Chinatown Wax Museum.

Mirro-Crome Card by H.S. Crocker Co., Inc. San Bruno Calif. 94066

The description on the back of the card states:


The mysteries of the Orient are still with you when you travel through Chinatown. The quaint Oriental atmosphere has been retained over changing years.

–The building featured in the photo has changed hands over the years, and it is now occupied by a McDonald’s restaurant. This picture is from the 1970s.

3 thoughts on “Chinatown Wax Museum at Night, San Francisco, CA

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  2. Mike colombo

    My grandfather is in this picture in the mustard color sweater, how do I get a copy?

    1. deans Post author

      If you right click on the image, you can open it in a new window/tab. From there you can download the postcard to your computer.

      If you mean ‘where can I get a reprint of the original photo’, then you’ll need to research the publisher and see if they even exist any more. If so, you’ll have to hope they have the original still saved in their files somewhere, and can find it. Otherwise, you could try and research the name of the photographer, who is no doubt long dead, and see if there is any way to access his photos. I am not optimistic about finding the original after more than half a century.


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