Old Crater Trading Post, Bluewater NM

This is a wonderful depiction of the kind of hardscrabble businesses that popped up all along the western portions of the old Lincoln Highway/Route 66. The appearance of the group posing in front of the building on the right gives the distinct impression this was a business established on or near reservation land that the highway passed through.

This business clearly sold various Native American crafts and souvenirs for travelers passing by, and there appears to be a woman weaving a blanket in front of the building on the left. They also sold Mobil Gas, as indicated by the sign over the pumps. The presence on the left of the ‘woody’ station wagon puts this photo in the post-war 1940s.

These kinds of establishments can still be found on the side roads off of I-40 through New Mexico and Arizona, some still intact but updated and expanded over the years.

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