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Washing Day, Ste. Agnes, Quebec, Canada

This postcard painting depicts washer women in the village of Saint Agnes, Quebec, now a part of Dundee.

Atelier Morency 5645 Woodbury Ave, Montreal

The description on the back states:


On top of the mountain, back of Murray Bay, stands a pretty village called Ste-Agnes. As described in this scene ,one can see that the rustic life of the peasants still survives. Old traditions are kept and cherished.

It is believed this series of cards dates from the 1950s.

The Mobile Butcher, Quebec, Canada

This card depicts a scene with a butcher’s card selling meats as it passes through the town. The location is stated as Pointe au Pic, which has been merged into the larger municipality of La Malbaie as of 1999.

Atelier Morency 5645 Woodbury Ave, Montreal

There are two descriptions on the back of the card, one in French and one in English. The French title is Le Boucher Ambulant, which is incorrectly translated into English as The Country Butcher instead of The Mobile Butcher. The whole English description states:


As we say in French, “Happy peoples have no history.” A few steps from the Manoir Richelieu, at Pointe Au Pic, this picture characterizes the simple philosophies of life.

There is no indication of the age of this postcard, but it is believed to be from the 1950s.