Korczak Ziolkowski

This is a portrait of the man whose dream it was to build a monument to Crazy Horse, Korczak Ziolkowski. He is pictured in front of the mountain that would, over the course of the rest of his life and beyond, be slowly sculpted into the vision he had of the famous Native American leader. The work continues, but with some criticism from the Lakota people and descendants of Crazy Horse.

Made direct from Kodachrome and Ansco Color by Dexter Press, Pearl River, NY

Unfortunately, this postcard was at one time glued into an album or scrapbook, and the resulting damage to the back has obscured the description. An image search did not uncover any other copies of this card currently on line. The description does mention him by name, and the name of his stallion: Warrior.

The clothes and appearance are consistent with other photos from the late 1940’s, which would coincide with a vacation trip my mother’s family took through this area.

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