Royal Gorge of the Arkansas River, Colorado

This is a colorized postcard from an originally black and white photo of Royal Gorge, Colorado. Regrettably, it is not currently in such pristine condition as a result of the 2012 Royal Gorge Fire. It burned for seven days, damaged the bridge, destroyed the aerial tram and many buildings. The park is closed for the entire 2013 season for reconstruction and repairs.

Published by Van Nuy-Interstate Co., Denver

The description on the back reads:


The Royal Gorge, the mother of the Arkansas River, is a giant slit or canal in the Rocky Mountains, cut from the summits of the lofty peaks to the very foundation stones. A span wide in places and rising 3,000 feet perpendicular to the clouds, it presents miles of scenery equaled in few places on the globe.

— The postcard is unused and undated, but is consistent with other cards of the late 1940’s.

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