Hanging Rock, Royal Gorge, Colorado

This is an oddly framed photo of the famous Hanging Rock feature over the Gorge. Viewing the central portion of the picture does not reveal the rock among the landscape.

Published by Van Nuy-Interstate Co., Denver

The rock is all the way at the top, not completely seen, while the photo emphasizes the Gorge instead. The description states:


The Royal Gorge is one hundred and twenty miles from Denver and forty-five miles from Colorado Springs, and may be reached by D. & R. G. R. R. from either place. The bed of the famous canyon is 5,494 feet above sea level. Its walls of rugged granite tower 2,700 feet above the Arkansas River, which flows at its base.

–The railroad referenced in the description above is the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, now a part of the Amtrak system. The card likely dates from the late 1940’s.


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