Avery’s Restaurant, Mancelona, Michigan

This postcard depicts the recently closed Avery’s Restaurant as it looked in its earlier days. This appears to be a photo taken after at least one renovation and expansion, as earlier photos do not show the enhanced entrance or expansion on the back of the structure.

According to some news web sites, the restaurant was victim of the economic crisis of 2008 which saw business drop off drastically.

Leon Foster, 221 North Fifth St., Blanchford MI 49310

The description on the back of the card reads:

Avery’s Restaurant

US 131 North

Mancelona, Mich. 49659

Good Food – Pleasant Atmosphere. Open at 6 A.M. Closed Tuesdays. Dining Room Available for Parties.

Phone Area 616-587-7011

Chuck and Lil Avery

— The presence of a zip code in the address and the van shown in the image put this photo in the late 1960’s or so.

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