High Life Motel, Indian River, Michigan

This is a promotional postcard for the High Life Motel, Inc. It would appear there are not a lot of rooms or that the entire structure is not shown in this photo, since there are only two entry doors, two parked cars and the elevated center section, which presumably houses the office.

The motel was located in the northern central area of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, near the town of Indian River.

The L.L. Cook Co., Milwaukee, WI

The description on the back reads:

High Life Motel, Inc.

The North’s most modern. Overnight – Shuffleboard – Miniature Golf – Picnic Grounds – Fishing – Artesian well – On U.S. 27 1/2 mile north of Indian River, Michigan.

The card is dated 1956, which is confirmed by the cars in the photo. US 27 has largely been abandoned or absorbed into state highways in the Michigan area.

2 thoughts on “High Life Motel, Indian River, Michigan

  1. JB Allen

    There were at least four units at the High Life. Two units were accessed though doors in the center area under the second story. I do not recall what was upstairs. The High Life had a very unusual early space-age sign by the highway. It was a fairly large stainless globe suspended by curved metal poles and had a spinning ‘M-O-T-E-L’ sign that appeared in a rectangular opening in the globe. The High Life was intact and operating into the 80s (even the spinning sign) and I believe it was transformed into the Northwoods Lodge (utterly different look).

  2. deans Post author

    Thanks for the very informative update! Indeed, once I inspect the image using the link to the full sized version, I can see the door in the shadow of the upper story. It seems it would be a challenge to generate much revenue with so few rooms available for rent.


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