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Reuss River Bridge, Train Station and Alps, Lucerne Switzerland

This postcard is an elevated view of the bridge across the outflow of the Reuss River (at right) as it enters Lake Lucerne. In the near background is the Lucerne Train Station, and the far background is lined with Alps.

No. 1517

Edition Photoglob, Zurich

The photo likely dates from the late 1920’s, as the card was purchased during a holiday visit in 1930.

It is number 1517 in the series.

The Lion of Lucerne, Switzerland

This postcard is a closeup of the famous memorial to the Swiss Guards who defended the French Monarchy against the revolutionary mobs in France in 1792. The card has as its only legend the Swiss name Löwendenkmal.

No. 1624

Edition Photoglob, Zurich

The inscription below the lion is much longer than shown here, and includes the names of many of those who died in the defense. The postcard was likely purchased in 1930, though the artwork has not changed meaningfully since its creation.

It is number 1624 in the series.

Chapel Brigde, Lucerne Switzerland

The scenery changes to Switzerland this week, and begins with a view of the Kappelbrücke and Pilatus, the mountain in the background. As indicated on the image, the mountain is 2132m high. More recent measurements indicate a hight of 2128m. This appears to be a painted photo.

Edition Photoglob, Zurich

Edition Photoglob, Zurich

The picture is undated and the card unused, so the era of the photo is uncertain. Given that it was likely purchased the same time as the German postcards shown earlier, it would indicate a date in the late 1920s or 1930.