Grundvig’s Church, Copenhagen, Denmark

This image is an illustration of the famous Grundvig’s Church in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is notable for its expressionist church architecture.

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The description on the back states simply:

Kobenhaven, Grundvigskirken.

Copenhagen, Grundvig’s Church.

–It was started in 1927 and completed in 1940. It can hold a congregation of 1800.

This card was used and is dated 1953.

Landhaus Georg Schilcher, Germany

This image is of a large country house once owned by Georg Schilcher. I have been unable to identify it further.

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There is no description on the back of this card, other than the publisher, which is shown as:

Eigent u. Verlag: Heinrich Uhlschmidt, Oberammergau

–Judging solely by the publisher’s tag, this may be located somewhere near Oberammergau in Bavaria.

This image likely dates from the 1920s.

Bacharach, Germany

This image is an illustration of the view of Bacharach from the southern end, looking north into town.

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The description roughly translates as:

Bacharach from the south. Picturesque cityscape with pretty plants on the Rhine. Bacharach is world famous for the Rheingau wines in the Middle Ages.

Rheingau is a small district to the north of the Rhine River between Lorch and Wiesbaden, famous for sweet white wines, particularly Riesling,